Personal Training Star Jillian Michaels Is Coming to Phoenix to Maximize Your Life on April 14

We're halfway through spring, which means you're probably in that miserable limbo between having thoroughly failed your New Year's resolution and desperately needing to get in shape for summer.

Lucky for you, personal trainer and The Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels is here to help, with her first-ever tour, Maximize Your Life, coming to Comerica Theater on April 14.

In this one-woman show, Michaels promises to help audience members find their potential, establish realistic goals, and lead a healthier life both physically and mentally. To find out Michaels' thoughts on body image, diet, and fitness, check out Jackalope Ranch's interview after the jump.

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On what stops people from seeking a healthier lifestyle . . . Normally, they don't feel worth it, and they don't feel capable. You have to work on both. You have to help them understand that they are just as deserving as everyone else. Once they begin to see how they've been holding back and why, I teach them how to take responsibility and give them tools so they feel capable.

On why many diets fail . . . People start out with all or nothing, and they don't have the proper information about how to go about it. They also don't have the support; they don't have the right people on board. They engage with all the best intentions, but because they're not going about it the right way or don't have the right support at home, it's not sustainable

On what being healthy really means . . . Healthy is not about the size of jeans its about how you feel in the jeans. It's about blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.

On the movement that strong is the new skinny . . . I think you're starting to see women who are more curvy, more heathy -- Salma Hayek, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, with hips and the thighs. It's sexy. It's powerful.

On getting in shape for summer . . . Find something you love to do fitness-wise four times a week for 30 minutes -- zumba, cycling -- something so you take the work out of working out a bit.

And if you're already putting together a mental list of excuses for why it's too late to get in shape, stop -- because Jillian Michaels eats excuses for breakfast (we're assuming they're high-protein).

Tickets for the show start at $45 and can be purchase through Comerica Theater online.

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