Phillip Fazio

"Two Ladies," indeed! Cabaret director Phillip Fazio apparently has a thing for impersonating the fairer sex. Here, the former child actor fesses up to an affection for Maggie Smith and a likeness to Bridget Jones, and cops to preteen stints in full-on drag and a secret desire to be the next Bush.

I knew I wanted to be in show business when Debra K. Stevens and Scott Withers didn't bat an eyelash at casting me as Mrs. Pavlenko in full drag, at the tender age of 10, in a Childsplay summer theater camp musical.

The worst thing about being a stage director is going without sleep until the show is open.

The happiest day in my life was the first time my roommate made her signature chocolate chip cookies.

If I could be anyone other than myself it would be Hal Prince.

It’s not entirely true, but I sometimes tell people that I'm not scared to death about having to get naked in the upcoming production of The Full Monty.

My worst audition ever was when, in the sixth grade, I walked into an open call for Into the Woods at Greasepaint Theatre, and in front of the director, musical director, and the 100 other kids auditioning, I slapped on a blond wig and sang "Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" from Grease. True story. To this day, I have no clue what possessed me. I totally should have gone with "There Are Worse Things I Could Do."

The fictional character I am most like is Bridget Jones. No doubt about it.

I am utterly terrified of being eaten by a whale.

I laugh uncontrollably at Troll 2 — the best bad movie ever made.

The one thing I absolutely refuse to ask an actor to do on stage is anything I think is stupid.

Something I have never admitted to anyone before is that I secretly want to run for president.

Currently I am reading the Sunday Times. I'm really behind . . .

The first time I got drunk, I ran around at a party doing impressions of Maggie Smith in Sister Act.

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