Phoenix and Tucson Among the Best Cities for 20-Somethings

It's been called "the defining decade," and we believe it. Across the board -- and the country -- your 20s are the tumultuous time when immaturity and responsibility collide. From college to career, car ownership to home ownership -- and of course, that devastating moment when you realize your miracle metabolism has up and left you -- your 20-somethings are certainly, well, something.

That is why youth-geared health and fitness site has put together a list of the 20 best cities for 20-somethings. Because if you're finally going to be forced to take the reigns of your own adulthood, then it might as well be in a place you enjoy.

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Gathering statistics, polls, and surveys on U.S. cities from around the web, the site ranked each metropolis by the following factors: health and wellness, sustainability, finances, and amusement. Taking into account quantitative qualities such as the number of gyms, recycling programs, housing prices, and entertainment venues, points were assigned and spreadsheets created.

Coming in at number one was Washington D.C. with its green standard of public transportation and bike-friendly pathways, as well as its high ranking of happy hours for the young and thirsty.

Phoenix found a safe spot at number nine on the list, getting points for its reputation as one of the most playful cities in America. Between hiking trails, gardens, golf courses, and sporting events, our well-established wild west town took credit for also being one of the most fit metropolitan areas.

But the big surprise of this city-by-city compilation was sweet, unsuspecting Tucson. The southern Arizona college town took home the second place ranking, thanks to its outstanding air-quality, year-round recreation offerings, and cheap housing (average rent is $669).

Suffice to say, whether you're a Wildcat or a Sun Devil, you made the right choice of where to live out the remainder of your young adult years.

See the full list of top 20-something cities here.

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