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Phoenix Art Show Gives Voice to The Homeless, Undocumented, and LGBTQ Youth

Seems it's a good time to be homeless. Ok, not really, but thanks to a viral video from the Columbus Dispatch featuring a homeless man with a "golden" radio voice, the homeless are getting their due.

Since the video went public, former announcer Ted Williams has been flooded with radio gigs and national television appearances. The Cleveland Cavaliers even tossed in a house with their job offer.

Here in Phoenix, the homeless are getting some attention, too -- and not all of it is because of illegal activity.

1in10 and 3rd Space will present "Unknown: Artwork by Queer, Undocumented and Homeless Youth" on February 4 and 11 at Release the Fear Studio, inside Grace Chapel at 302 West Monroe St. in Phoenix.  

"This idea came about when 3rd Space and 1n10 met to discuss ways to educate our LGBTQ undocumented youth on what their rights are," says 1in10 Director of Programs Micheal Weakley. "We decided to use this as an opportunity to celebrate the three communities and advocate on their behalf through art."

The art on display will not be sold at the event, and admission to the show is free.

Anyone who falls into one of the populations represented (homeless, queer or undocumented) is invited to submit their artwork.

Throughout January, free art workshops will be held for participants at locations around the Valley.

Whose work will make the cut? "Art will be chosen that best meets the need to express feelings about the three communities of topic," says Weakley. 

The only other stipulation for artists is that they must title each piece "Unknown" -- a powerful reminder of the invisibility of the nation's homeless. With a little of that Ted Williams luck, maybe some of Phoenix's hidden talent will be discovered at this show.

Artists and instructors interested in the workshops should contact Micheal Weakley at [email protected].



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