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Phoenix Center for the Arts Launches Writing Program

Pencils up, downtown creatives. Phoenix Center for the Arts has just announced that it will launching its first ever la Phoenikera Writer's Guild. The writing program, which will start during the Center's 2014 summer trimester, will be a collaborative effort hosted by local writers and professional instructors.

Before you begin outlining the next great American novel, better jot these course details first.

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The La Phoenikera Writers' Guild, which focuses on promoting not only the literary arts in the community but also "linguistic and cultural diversity," is set to offer writing courses in both English and Spanish throughout the year, covering everything from Navajo literature and Harlem Renaissance to Mark Twain and Spanglish poetry.

The program will feature classes taught by local professionals including ASU creative writing professor Sara Sams, poet and fiction writer Bojan Louis and offer special reading series lead by out-of-state writers.

"More than anything, we want to bring Phoenix writers together," says program founder Ellie Hutchison-Montague in a recent press release by the Center. "We want to make it easy for the voices in our community to inspire one another."

Rotating classes will be taught at Phoenix Center for the Arts, Burton Barr Central Library, Phoenix Youth Hostel, and Greenhaus. Writing classes for the summer semester begin May 5 and will be held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Prices range $44 to $202. For more information, visit or call 602-254-3100.

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