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Phoenix Comicon 2012: Special Guests Now Include Boba Fett, Buck Rogers, and Comics Legend George Pérez

Some of the biggest intergalactic badasses in science fiction - not to mention one of the more renowned comic book creators in the world - are scheduled to visit Phoenix Comicon 2012

Organizers of the annual four-day geekfest have spent the past week unveiling their lineup of special guests for next year's event (which already includes William Shatner), and the list boasts plenty of names that are well-known to fans of comics, sci-fi, and fantasy. 

Like Jeremy Bulloch, for example (who portrayed Boba Fett in The Empire Strikes and Return of the Jedi) or Tony Amendola (who's famous for his role as Bra'tac in Stargate: SG-1), both of whom will be appearing at omicon. Ditto for Gil Gerard, the hero of NBC's Buck Rogers in the 25th Century from the 1980s, and his co-star Erin Gray

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Another major name that's been announced is Marvel/DC scribe George Perez, for example, who was one of the creative forces behind some of the most epic titles in comics history. The Puerto Rican-born writer and illustrator worked on The Avengers, Justice League of America, and The New Teen Titans, as well as such landmark storylines as Crisis on Infinite Earths, War of the Gods, and Infinity Gauntlet.

Comic book geekazoids will also be undoubtedly excited by the news that artists like Arthur Suydam (Heavy Metal, Conan, Ghost Rider) and Greg Horn (Black Widow, Elektra, Green Arrow) will also be in attendance.

As always, word nerds, bookworms, and the literary crowd will also have plenty of their fave fantasy and horror authors to interact with during autograph sessions and Q&A panels. So far, Comicon organizers have announced appearances by Jeff Mariotte (30 Days of Night), Bram Stoker award-winner Weston Ochse (Scarecrow Gods), Marshiela Rockwell (Legacy of Wolves, The Shard Axe), and the Valley's Gini Koch (the writer behind the Katherine "Kitty" Katt series.)

Phoenix Comicon 2012 will take place May 24-27 at the Phoenix Convention Center, 100 North Third Street. Click here for tickets and more info.

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