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Phoenix Comicon 2013: Our Complete Coverage

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Those who did drop by the Phoenix Convention Center for the evening-long preview got the honor of witnessing these things without the rampant mob that will fill the venue today and on Saturday (traditionally, the two biggest days of Comicon each year).

Without long lines of people silently urging them to hurry up, these early birds got to revel in a re-creation of one of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope's most memorable milieus -- which was created by a cadre of local Star Warsian enthusiast groups, including local chapters of the Mandalorian Mercs, the 501st Legion, the Droid Builders Club, and the Rebel Legion -- and re-enact Han Solo's blowing away of Greedo. (Sadly, it loses a point or two by having what appeared to be a laser beam coming from the barrel of the Rodian's gun, thus reinforcing the reviled Special Edition retcon that Greedo shot first. Tsk tsk.)

Attendees could also linger at pretty much every booth in the Exhibitor Hall and converse with hundreds of artists, vendors, cosplayers, and fellow die-hards without getting bumped around or crowded.

Personally, we got the chance to speak with such local nerd-friendly creatives as Iron Druid Chronicles author Kevin Hearne and Amazing Arizona Comics artist/writer Russ Kazmierczak (whose newest issue casts Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a supervillain known as "Darkpaio," who rules over "Parallel Earth-1070" in despotic fashion), among others. Plus, as always, there were a wealth of cool and cute costumes.

And if you're somehow unsure of who to see, where to go, and what to do during at the event over the next three days, peruse the rundown of all of Jackalope Ranch's vast amount of Comicon coverage over the past few weeks and months, which follows. And be sure to check back early next week for a variety of slideshows and recaps of what went down.

See you out in the Exhibitor Hall.

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