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Phoenix Comicon 2013: Our Complete Coverage

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Cara Nicole (a.k.a. AZ Powergirl) and Her Superheroine Cosplay

If you've attended Phoenix Comicon at any point over the past couple years, it's likely you've seen Cara Nicole dressed in costume in the Exhibitor Hall, probably as her best-known alter ego AZ Powergirl.

Frankly, she's pretty hard to miss, even among the crowds of countless cosplayers that regularly attend the four-day event each year, as the statuesque blonde bombshell is fairly unforgettable when wearing the wowie-zowie red, white, and blue ensemble inspired by the DC Universe's Power Girl...Read More.

Travel Channel's Making Monsters to Feature Chambers of Fear's Booth at Phoenix Comicon

Chambers of Fear owner Paul Boyd tends to get a little excited when describing everything that his company will be featuring at Phoenix Comicon this year. It's only natural, considering that the local haunted house's booth at the event will be twice as big as last year's and will sport even more monsters and frightening freaks wandering about.

And then there's the thing that Boyd's really excited about: the fact that the stars and crew of the Travel Channel's Making Monsters will be on hand at the Chambers of Fear booth during the first night of Comicon creating a spectacularly creepy creature while filming an episode of the television program...Read More.

Phoenix Comicon Reveals 2013 Badge Art Winners

The hard-working braintrust behind the annual comic book/pop culture megafest, which invades the Phoenix Convention Center over Memorial Day weekend, [have] revealed the badge art for 2013. And, as in year's past, the pieces are amazing, amusing, and definitely easy on the eyes.

The results of the badge art contest, which was determined by a combination of an online voting process and other factors by organizers, includes the 20 most popular entries overall from this year's field, as well as the 13 pieces that ultimately will be worn proudly by Comicon patrons, staff members, special guests, and attendees...Read More.

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