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Phoenix Comicon Announces 2012 Badge Art Winners

Good news for anyone who's been dying to know who won this year's Phoenix Comicon Badge Art Contest. Organizers of the four-day comics and pop culture convention, which takes place during Memorial Day weekend, posted the top 20 entries on Sunday afternoon via the event's Facebook page.

Each of the pieces, which were chosen by the public via a public vote, feature unique and imaginative portrayals of some of the greatest comic book and science fiction characters of all time. The top twelve vote-getters will appear on the badges worn by comicon attendees, staff, and guests during the event.

Like, for instance, Lauren Prochello's epic painting of the Millenium Falcon will appear around the neck of exhibitors hawking their wares inside the convention center. And staff members and volunteers running the event will wear Brian Miller's depiction of Doctor Who's time-warping T.A.R.D.I.S. on their badges.

​Valley comic book artist Val Hochberg is likely feeling pretty happy as all three of her entries were chosen by the public, including her renditions of Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Catwoman.

Other artists created entries inspired by some of the comicon's special guests. To wit: Surprise's Bill Farmer created a sketch of notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett in honor of an appearance by Jeremy Bulloch (who played the role in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi).

Other highlights include Chris Wood's kinetic illustration of DC Comics hero The Flash and Marty Freetage's mash-up of the characters from Angry Birds with the iconic members of The Avengers.

We don't envy the huge amount of labor that organizers endure every year making the Badge Art Contest a reality, as they sort through hundreds of original entries that are submitted, whittle that pool down to 150, and then oversee the public vote that determines the winners.

As a matter of fact, Phoenix Comicon president Matt Solberg stated on the website prior to the announcement of the winners that organizers will streamline the process by reducing the number of finalists to only 50. It will likely make the competition even more fierce, which means even better badge art for comicon attendees to sport around their necks.

Phoenix Comicon takes place from May 24-27 at the Phoenix Convention Center. Admission starts at $15 for single-day memberships. Click here for more info.

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