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Phoenix Comicon Announces 2014 Dates

If any local geeks out there are still suffering from a case of post-Phoenix Comicon funk, the following news might help cheer them up: Organizers have already started the countdown to next year's event.

A post on Phoenix Comicon's Facebook page this morning announced exactly when the 2014 edition of the event will take place. There's something, however, which may come as a surprise to some folks. Namely, the event won't be taking place during Memorial Day weekend next year.

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Per the announcement, Phoenix Comicon 2014 will take place from Thursday, June 5, through Sunday, June 8. It's the first time in a decade that the event will not happen over the Memorial Day holiday.

Comicon's braintrust explained that the date change was due to the staff of the Phoenix Convention Center, the location of the event for the past three years, having already booked that particular weekend for some other event. Lest you think there's some sort of cattiness afoot, the prior booking was made five years ago, back with Comicon was still taking place over at the Mesa Convention Center.

Here's an excerpt from the post that explains the situation:

Why the date change from our usual Memorial Day Dates? The Phoenix Convention Center booked all of its space over Memorial Day 2014 to another group back in 2008. Don't feel bad though: We weren't even at the Phoenix Convention Center in 2008 and the first weekend of June is when Phoenix Comicon was first held waaaaay back in 2002. We're simply returning to our roots.

Besides informing the world of the dates for 2014's event, Comicon organizers also stated that the event will expand to include the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel (in addition to the usual activities at the Hyatt Regency, Renaissance Hotel, and the Convention Center).

In related news, word came earlier this month that Phoenix Comicon 2013 was attended by a total of 55,313 people. It's a new record for the event and a major jump from the year before when 32,127 were in attendance.

According to organizers, the announcements of special guests for next year will start in January. Stay tuned to Jackalope Ranch for all the details.

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