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Phoenix Comicon Announces December Fan Fest 2014

Ask and you shall receive.

For those who've wished that Comicon could happen more than once a year, your voices have been heard, loud and clear. After a suspenseful three-day countdown, organizers of the annual summer convention announced on Saturday, September 27, that they would be hosting a new sister event Friday, December 12, through Sunday, December 14, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.

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Fan Fest 2014 will give geeks more of the stuff they love with less of the heat they despise. By operating in December, this convention will allow guests to give their costumes the full effect without fear of melted plastic and sweat-soaked makeup.

While Fan Fest won't be an exact replica of Comicon, it will give emphasis to the fans and artists behinds the scenes by featuring costumes, creators, comic illustrators, actors, and exhibitors. More details regarding the event will be released throughout the coming week.

It should also be noted that Fan Fest is considered entirely separate from Comicon, so additional membership fees will be required. Membership prices start at $10 for a Friday pass, $25 for a Saturday pass, $15 for a Sunday pass, and $30 for a weekend pass. Prices will increase after Saturday, October 11.

For information, updates, and to purchase tickets, visit or follow Phoenix Comicon on Facebook.

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