Phoenix Etsy Shop kt jean Featured on Martha Stewart

Sometimes Etsy gets us down. After all, it only takes a few clicks to fall into a bottomless pit of hopeless handmade ugliness. But every once in a while, Etsy browsing results in an unearthed gem.

Such serendipity was responsible for local fashion designer Katie Walker's label kt jean (interchangeably called Katie Jean Designs) getting some major love from home and garden diva/deity Martha Stewart this week.

On Wednesday, The Martha Stewart Show aired an Etsy-centric episode and, during its fashion segment, featured kt jean's high-waist Alisier skirt ($68) in a red and blue geometric diamond pattern over a sandy neutral background.

Walker says that the skirt's design was inspired by flatteringly simple '60s silhouettes. "It's fully customizable," she adds, because each one is made-to-measure and other fabrics are available.

Known for formal dresses and wedding gowns, the casual, summery skirt is a bit of a departure from the fluff, frills, and yards of tulle that kt jean's gained a rep for molding into covetable creations, which Walker describes as "unique styles that make a girl feel special but are comfortable and flattering at the same time."

"I really love making things people can wear out and about or to a special occasion," she says of her ongoing push to expand her ready-to-wear selection.

Up next for kt jean? Walker divulged that there's a long-sleeve wedding gown on the horizon. (And our jaws are already prepped to drop).

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.