Phoenix Fashion Week: In Review

Phoenix Fashion Week began six years ago as an amateur local production with DIY fashions shown poolside at the Clarendon Hotel.This year's three-day affair featured an upscale, trendy venue (W Scottsdale), a thumping electro-soundtrack, a complex lighting and video system, attendance by a few pseudo-celebs (does Miss Arizona count as famous?) and a host of women with tiny dresses and big boobs.

In the six years since its inception, Phoenix Fashion Week has matured -- the 6,000 people in attendance was the highest it's ever been. But the affair still lacks in the areas of overall location (Why can't the "Phoenix" event be held in, well, Phoenix?), organization (including late starts, confusing schedule and outdated website information) and street credibility in the fashion world.

After attending shows on all three days, taking some notes and photos on our favorite and not-so-favorite looks, we've concluded: Phoenix Fashion Week has ultimately grown up to become ... Scottsdale. (Scottsdale Fashion Week, by the way, launches the first week of November ... and is also in Scottsdale.)

Check out our full Phoenix Fashion Week slideshow here, and our impressions after the jump.

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Claire Lawton
Contact: Claire Lawton