Phoenix Is One of the Best Cities for Recent College Grads, Study Shows
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Phoenix Is One of the Best Cities for Recent College Grads, Study Shows

Between the pool parties, the creative mingling, and the growing bike community, we can totally understand why Phoenix is a great place for Millennials. Now, as if those weren't enough, Time magazine has just given up-and-comers another reason make a trip to the Valley of the Sun: jobs.

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Just in time for the new graduating class of in-debt job-seekers, released a list of the best cities for recent grads. The list, which originally was compiled by, excludes any city with an unemployment rate higher than 7 percent and factors in such other important criteria as gross median income, average rent for a one-bedroom apartment, and age demographic, with preference given to cities with a large population of residents between ages 25 and 29.

Although the list was not ranked, Phoenix was featured second, just after Denver, and noted for advantageous qualities, including an average rent price of $842, which isn't the cheapest on the list (that goes to Cincinnati with an average rent of $707) but when you pair that with Phoenix's gross medium income of $81,349 (the highest of all the cities on the list), it's a pretty sweet deal.

To check out which other cities made the cut and why, visit the article on

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