10 Metro Phoenix Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram

Essential items for spring and summer.
Essential items for spring and summer. Courtesy of Melissa Moore

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Lorena Garcia
Garcia created her blog with the objective of showing her life behind the scenes and as a space to inspire women. Garcia, a creative entrepreneur, has an MBA in finance and shares fashion, lifestyle, and beauty trends on her blog and social media. Lately, she has been sharing about her life with her newborn baby.

Chelsea Bird
Chelsea Bird began her blog back in 2009 as a way to keep in contact with her then boyfriend (now husband) while traveling. She continues to share her personal style, home décor, travels, and love for coffee on her blog and social media outlets.

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Lauren Garcia
Lauren “Lola” Garcia is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who covers topics including health, beauty, home, fitness, travel, and fashion. Garcia is a new mom, and she has a new section on her blog called “What Baby Likes.”

Nicole Denton
Career, fashion, and travel are some of the topics that Denton covers on her blog. Originally from New Jersey, Denton began blogging in 2008, and started Work|Wear|Wander in 2015. One of our favorite sections of her blog is where she shares tips on personal development, productivity, and even how to quit your job.

Sakura Considine
Considine grew up in Japan and had an early love for design. The ASU alumna started her blog Something Sakura to share her life with the world. She is passionate about photography, fashion, graphic design, and traveling. Considine is co-founder of The Sorority Secrets and Bloguettes.
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