Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson (left) with the WWE's Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella at a press conference on July 25.
Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson (left) with the WWE's Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella at a press conference on July 25.
Benjamin Leatherman

Phoenix Police Arrest 3 in Connection With Robbery of WWE Wrestler Daniel Bryan's Home

The Phoenix Police Department has reportedly wrestled up a few more suspects in the recent burglary of WWE superstar Daniel Bryan's home.

According to Sergeant Tommy Thompson, a department spokesman, police arrested three individuals on Wednesday who are believed to be involved with a break-in last month at the pro wrestler's residence in Arcadia.

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Thompson says that officers arrested Edward Alexander Johnson, 20; Gilberto Gil Gastelum, 21; and Alexandra Olvera, 30, after witnessing the trio allegedly burglarizing two North Phoenix homes. Cops were able to make the bust after spotting their vehicle, a silver Mercedes-Benz sedan, which was also reportedly used in the burglary of Bryan's home.

Olvera was reportedly identified as the getaway driver in the break-in at the wrestler's pad, and all three are also reportedly linked to a number of other recent break-in both the Arcadia area and around Phoenix.

All three suspects were booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on charges of burglary and participating in a criminal syndicate. They're still in custody as of this writing.

As we previously reported, Bryan and wife Brie Bella (who also wrestles and performs for the WWE) were returning home on July 24 when they witnessed a pair of burglars fleeing the residence. Bryan, a former world heavyweight champ, ran down one of the two suspects, later identified as Cesar Sosa, essentially subduing him with a sleeper hold until Phoenix P.D. arrived and arrested the suspect.

"Its probably not the best thing to do, because you don't know what's gonna happen," Bryan says. "I just reacted, and that's what most people do."

There's been no word if cops used any sort of wrestling maneuvers when collaring the three other suspects on Wednesday, although we're pretty sure that official Phoenix P.D. tactics don't include either suplexes or dropkicks.

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