Phoenix Print Studios Brings Letterpress, Community to Tempe

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While the printing pair still enjoys creating their own work, they say the real goal of Phoenix Print Studios is to educate and share the excitement they still get from printing even after all this time with others.

"It's important for us to do our own work, artistically our own work," Iverson says. "But I think it also helps us help other people because...when people take classes and they've got a project they want to do, we're successful in helping them get there."

Children, adults, and even fellow designers all have the same reaction when they finally pull up on the lever and reveal the piece they've just pressed, the pair says. They attribute this to the act of physically creating something, an experience not many get when constantly surrounded by computers and technology.

"All this creating that's done on a computer, it's here today and gone tomorrow," Jones says. "With print, with something tangible, it's an archived piece. It's part of a historical document. It becomes an artifact."

This is the legacy Iverson and Jones intend to leave with Phoenix Print Studio, and they say they hope the space they've created outlives them, explaining that they need people to gain interest for this art to survive. And once you try pressing for yourself, it's hard not to get hooked. To a certain extent, it seems that's what Iverson and Jones are counting on.

"To have [the letterpress] available for people to experience it and to enjoy and to really understand what it's all about," Jones says, "because, my goodness, it's a huge foundation of our history and to keep it..."

"To keep it going," Cindy picks up. "I mean, to preserve it but also to educate and use it."

Phoenix Print Studios is located at 230 West Baseline Road #108 in Tempe. Keep an eye on their website for upcoming workshops and lectures.

See more photos of Phoenix Print Studios on the following page.

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