Phoenix State of the Arts Survey Deadline Is Friday, February 6

Hey Phoenix, we know you are super busy.

But we'd super appreciate it if you took a few minutes to answer our 10-question survey about the state of the arts in and around Phoenix. We want your take on all aspects of art -- from theater, performance art, and dance to poetry, comedy, painting, street art, and everything in between. And your fast-approaching deadline is Friday, February 6.

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Please take a few minutes to answer our questionnaire below. When you're done, send your responses, along with a quick, one-paragraph bio, to New Times Culture Editor Becky Bartkowski at becky.bartkowski@newtimes.com.

1. What are three words that describe the arts in Arizona?

2. Describe your role in the Arizona arts scene (including "observer" -- a very important role!) and how it came to be.

3. Who is making the biggest impact on metro Phoenix's art scene and how are they doing that?

4. Where has metro Phoenix made the biggest strides in the arts in the last 10 years or so?

5. What are Arizona's most underused arts resources?

6. How can artists and institutions better connect with audiences?

7. What are the biggest roadblocks in metro Phoenix's art scene and how can we get past them?

8. Metro Phoenix's art scene needs __________.

9. What can metro Phoenix's art scene learn from other parts of the state -- and country?

10. In three years, what three words do you hope describe the state of the arts in Arizona?

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