Everything's coming up flowers.
Everything's coming up flowers.
Benjamin Leatherman

Phoenix's 4/20 Parties, Valley Ho Pool Party, and Third Friday in Photos

New Times photographers were out and about this weekend. Did they snap your picture?

Session Saturdays at Hotel Valley Ho's OH Pool

On what was probably the last reasonable weekend weather-wise before things really get sweltering, sun bunnies, bathing beauties, bikini-clad revelers, and guests of the Hotel Valley Ho crowded around its OH Pool on Saturday, April 19, while Mr. P-Body spun remixes and hits during the weekly Session Saturdays.

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Emmett Ramstad in front of his artwork at Eye Lounge Gallery.
Emmett Ramstad in front of his artwork at Eye Lounge Gallery.
Jessica Obert

Third Friday Art Walk in Downtown Phoenix

There was a lot of new art to show off at the Third Friday Art Walk on April 20. The smaller crowd brought intimate settings: a chance to view Phoenix's downtown art scene with new breath. From a latex molded sock installment to a cross-country art collaboration, the spring season has been introduced.

4/20 for serious.
4/20 for serious.
Jeremiah Toller

4/20 Celebrations in Metro Phoenix

Phoenix's 420 weekend celebrations may not be quite on par with that of our Northeastern neighbor, Colorado, but that will change someday soon. Arizona's medical marijuana dispensaries, peer to peer networks and head shops pulled out what stops they could in order to present MMJ patients with a fun time during the unofficial marijuana holiday.

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