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Now that technology has advanced to the point that a five-year-old with a digital camera and the right editing software can look like the next Annie Leibovitz, there’s only one thing left for photographers to do – screw shit up in the name of art.

For his latest project, Phoenix-based photographer Dayvid LeMmon rewired video circuits to create digital images that resemble badly scrambled video stills in his “Destroyed Remotely Post-Acquisition” exhibit that’s currently showing at Perihelion Arts, 610 East Roosevelt Street, Unit 137. About the work, LeMmon says, “The electronic nature of the work is laid bare thru the deliberate misuse of technology.”

The solo show includes five large-scale archival prints that address man’s relationship with technology. One photo features a deconstructed human eye. In another, a female model is distorted by so much static that we half expect her to crawl out of the photo, à la The Ring.

That kind of distortion is no small feat for someone without a technology background. “I have a little bit of experience with electronics, enough to get my way around things,” explains LeMmon. “There’s still a lot of experimentation involved, which lends itself to somewhat unpredictable results.”

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