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Photographer Logan Bellew Explores Age and Innocence in "Angels v.2" at Eye Lounge

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Logan Bellew's latest installation at Eye Lounge is breathtaking (and it's not just because the subjects of the photographs are so good lookin').

Angels v.2 is the second installment of a series in which Bellew explores the relationship between age and innocence by way of photographic portraiture. The images themselves focus on individual men in intimate settings -- sprawled across a couch or looking out a bedroom window -- and the effects of this intimacy can be rather piercing.

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Bellew is a native Arizonan who graduated from ASU in 2011 with degrees in both Photography and Art History. This past summer, he was awarded the highly-respected Fulbright Research Grant to travel to Cyprus for a photo project. Now, in addition to continuing his work as an artist, Bellew is also a project assistant for Scottsdale Public Art.

According to Bellew, the inspiration for his current show evolved organically from some of his past work.

"The whole series of Angels grew out of the exhibition I had last year at Eye Lounge, 'The Episodic Nature of Forgetting'" he says. "I used a really strict structure for photographing my subjects for that particular exhibition, but when I finished with what I needed for that exhibition, I photographed my subjects in a more natural way inside their home environments. This is where Angels v.1 came from."

According to Bellew, Angels v.2 is a continuation of this sort of methodology but focuses (generally) on an older age group of men. The images lining the walls are clustered together by subject -- there are between two and four photographs of each man grouped together. At the beginning of the sequence of photos, there is also an excerpt of a poem by William Butler Yeats. According to Bellew, the piece of writing hints at his exploration of innocence without being too heavy-handed, giving a bit of context to pieces that follow.

These photographs showcase Bellew's impressive sensitivity for lighting. Even photographs of the same man are totally transformed by lighting choices in this series.

Additionally, Bellew proves adept at working with subjects to achieve scenes that are incredibly raw (but in the good way).

"I think I tend to be more of an optimist (or at least I try to be), and pairing that with the transition between childhood and adulthood lead me to explore ideas of the retention of innocence, what exactly innocence is, the roles optimism and good intentions play as we age, and the rapidity of time," he says.

Logan Bellew's Angels v.2 is open through November 2 at Eye Lounge.

For more info about Bellew's upcoming projects, you can check out his website.

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