Photographs from the Neighborhood

Sean Deckert's a downtown shutterbug with a thing for people, adrenaline, and social change.

While he's in Tempe for photo classes at ASU, you can probably find him hanging out at a few of the coffee shops downtown, where he lives. The local spots are where he makes connections, brainstorms photo story ideas and sometimes edits the photos he's taken, which end up on his blog, "Photographs from the Neighborhood."

His collection of photos and stories "explore the expansive social networks of the City of Phoenix," Deckert writes. "As the development of Phoenix increases with industrial growth and social strength, there are many facets of the city that are left to be exposed."

Translation: Deckert sees Phoenix. And he throws his camera in his bag before heading to unnamed street corners to snap a few murals, to the city capital to document marches and protests, and into his neighbors' homes to observe their everyday lives.

He admits he started the blog a year ago because he didn't have a website, and we're kind of hoping it stays that way.

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Claire Lawton
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