Photos: Arizona Body Art Expo, "MicroDwell 2014" in Phoenix, and Tempe's Fetish Revolution

Arizona Body Art Expo 2014 at the Arizona State Fairgrounds The Body Art Expo at the Arizona State Fairgrounds came through this weekend with over 200 tattoo vendors from all over the United States. With a beer garden and live entertainment, it was jam packed. Check out the images from the weekend.

See also: "MicroDwell 2014" Showcases Tiny Live-Work Spaces at Shemer Art Center in Phoenix

"MicroDwell 2014" at Shemer Art Center Saturday and Sunday, February 15 and 16, marked the grand opening of "MicroDwell 2014" at Shemer Art Center. The display of tiny live-work spaces promotes a minimalist, eco-friendly lifestyle. The "microdwelling" movement is a growing trend toward smaller and more affordable housing that allows funds to be spent elsewhere, with the hopes of a less materialistic lifestyle.

Various microdwelling designers and builders were onsite to talk about and show off their interesting abodes. Wine and micro-brewery (so fitting) tastings was an added bonus to the weekend. Solar cooking and various other workshops will be hosted during the upcoming showings.

Fetish Revolution at Marquee Theatre, 2/15/14 Society's outcasts, kink-cravers, pleather-wearing thrillseekers, and those looking to enjoy some pleasures of the flesh dressed in their finest and freakiest fetishistic wear on Saturday, February 15, and made their way to the Marquee Theatre in Tempe for the 10th annual Fetish Revolution.

This is a place where social status, day jobs, or other such concerns didn't particularly matter -- unless, of course, you are known for being the fastest flogger in the West. Decadence, desire and flesh were in abundance, clad in masquerade masks, latex, leather and studs.

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