PHX FMLY FEST Brings Art, Poetry, and Live Performances to Downtown Phoenix

In January, L.A.-based creative Cameron Rath is teaming up with Robbie Pfeffer of Tempe Starving Artist to put on a kickass festival in downtown Phoenix.

Rath is the mind behind FMLY, a group of eco-conscious music fans who organize bikes and all-age music shows in nontraditional spaces. They refer to their style as D.I.T. (Do It Together), which Pfeffer says he was drawn to when he first talked to Rath and the FMLY clan and was convinced that Phoenix could use a little FMLY magic.

FMLY will make a stop in Phoenix on December 28 and will work with more than 60 local and touring bands and live visual arts to bring performance, interactive art displays, zine exchanges, and poetry readings that you're not going to want to miss.

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FMLY is known for bringing similar, large-scale festivals to Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Orlando and its network of artists has supported events around the globe.

The festival in Phoenix will take over shops, galleries, and makeshift stages on Fifth Street south of Roosevelt in downtown Phoenix. Pfeffer says the artist lineup includes James B Hunt, JJ Horner, Bern Goodman, Kooz, Tracy Perdue, Tom Deadstuff, Alexis Martinez, Matt Brown, Daniel Funkhouser, Joe Gonzalez, Robert Lott, Steven Bolde, Thaddeus Mace Wike, Loren Bass, Shannon Dillon, Travis Vallance, Erika Jaynes, Zothalive.

From 1 to 11 p.m. there will also be a zine exchange, spoken word performances, and for music fans, there will be plenty of live tunes (stay tuned to Up on the Sun for more info).

Pfeffer created an Indiegogo page for the festival in hopes of raising additional funds to build stages, supporting participating artists, and getting the word out. FMLY FEST will be free and open to the public. For more info, check out the FMLY FEST Facebook invite and FMLY FEST Indiegogo page.

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