PHX:fringe Week 2: A Dance Performance from Ignite Collaborative Arts

Ignite Collaborative Arts states that their group exists partly to let artists from different disciplines work together and inspire one another, and that is perhaps the greatest accomplishment of The Shadows Inside: Exploring Lust, Fear, Delusion, & Misery, a compilation of dance works they're presenting at PHX:fringe.

The dancers are not remarkably good -- in particular, their movements are functional but, for the most part, not particularly expressive. However, the vehicle of this relatively polished performance also shares the work of guest choreographers, costume designers who were inspired by the dances, and a musician who was inspired by one of the choreographers. And that's kind of cool.

Meanwhile, Warehouse 1005 is a terrible place for dance, with not just its distressed concrete floor that drew blood from a soloist's foot at a serendipitously appropriate moment but also, and even worse in some ways, rotten visibility from any but the front row of seats.

This is the final Curtains review of this weekend. I look forward to a better and more vital PHX:fringe with each successive year. The Shadows Inside continues Sunday, March 11, at Warehouse 1005, 1005 North First Street. (Enter from the alley.) Admission is $10 at the door, or call 602-254-2151. See the full PHX:fringe schedule here.

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