Pinterest Announces Open Registration ... Long After Our (P)interest Peaked

For those of you who haven't joined out on social media's black hole meets eye candy pin board called Pinterest, founders have very good news:

Everyone can join.

For the first few years of business, the folks at Pinterest operated on an invite-only model. But business picked up in the last year or so as word spread of an additive online tool that organized all the things you liked over the web while exposing you to all the things your friends found, too -- in a pretty, endlessly scrolling way.

The masses jumped on board, quickly sharing (and oversharing) their latest favorite images of puppies, Justin Bieber, nail trends, butt exercises, baby shower ideas, vintage furniture, DIY projects, haircuts, yoga poses, uses for tongue depressors, bacon-inspired everything, Someecard meme, Ryan Gosling, and 10,001 ways to make a cupcake.

If you've already been on Pinterest for a while, you can expect open enrollment to bring all sorts of strange and potentially spammy new faces to Pinterest and the the main feed.

And if you're new to Pinterest, we suggest you take a quick look at our Illustrated Guide to Pinterest, which includes a few lessons we've learned along the way (the most important being that if you spend all day pinning DIY projects, you're never going to get to actually DO the DIY projects)...

Happy Pinning!

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Claire Lawton
Contact: Claire Lawton