Plain Tee Meets a Worn Blouse, Restyled

A plain T-shirt can be great when you feel like cleaning out your fridge, but if you have bigger plans, it might be time to shake it up a bit. And if you mix that plain tee with a worn-out blouse, you'll have a winning combo for an all-new piece.

Learn how to make a Fabulous Re-styled Shirt after the jump.

-- Plain T-shirt
-- Worn-Out Blouse
-- Scissors
-- Thread and Needle
-- Sewing Machine
-- Straight Pins

1. Cut the collar off of the plain tee

2. Cut the Sleeves off of the worn blouse
3. Cut several circles between 3- and ½-inch in diameter out of the worn blouse.

4. Layer these circles from largest on bottom to smallest on top and hand sew them together using needle and thread

5. Wash these sewn, layered circles in hot water to make them "curl" and look like flowers

6. Pin the sleeves of the worn blouse to the front of the plain tee, sew them in place using a sewing machine

7. Hand sew the circle flowers to the collar area of the new shirt

8. That's it - you are done and have a new shirt! Enjoy!

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