Playing Dirty

Perhaps no question is asked with less sincerity than “What did you do this weekend?” People ask it because it would be rude not to, but unless you did something really out of the ordinary your answer ends up being a chore for both parties. You have to try to find a way to make eating two boxes of Franken Berries and watching three seasons of Frasier seem interesting; they have to make it seem like they’re interested.

A possible cure for this awkwardness is to spend your weekend doing something so outside the box that it demands people’s interest, which may be all the reason you need to attend DREAD's Pirate Mud Wrestling Saturday, July 27, at Revolver Records, 918 North Second Street. The event, which starts at 7 p.m., will feature pretty much exactly what the name advertises: members of a pirate-themed performing troupe mud-wrestling against each other.

Sat., July 27, 7-10 p.m., 2013
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Ed Kummerer