Political (Action) Figures: The Republican Candidates' Collectible Matches

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5. Ron Paul as Green Arrow

To me, Ron Paul has a bit of the Crypt Keeper vibe.Not the one popularized by HBO mind you, but the old EC Comics version (although if you close your eyes and listen he does sound a little bit like John Kassir). Edwards has a different opinion. 

To him, Congressman Paul is best represented by Green Arrow. Like Oliver Queen's alter ego, Dr. Paul is (according to John) a liberalist crusader with " strong ideas" who's all about the little guy and keeps his nose out of foreign conflicts 

4. Rick Santorum as Aquaman
Oh Rick. God talks to him and drives his decisions. Kind of like the son of Neptune himself, Aquaman. Edwards believes that just like the Atlantean diving champion, Senator Santorum is similarly misunderstood. "No one knows where he is. Is he joking or should he be taken seriously?" 

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