Pool Parties, Meat Loaf, Fashion 4 a Cause, and Latte Art Over the Weekend

Mark Taylor's Sam Palmilla Pool Party School's back in session and that means more pool parties. Check out one of this weekend's splash fests in the above photos...see photos

Meat Loaf at Celebrity Theatre Last Night As I sat through Meat Loaf's concert full of epic songs, costume changes, rhinestone studded jackets, and women clad in pleather and lace, I couldn't help but laugh a little at over-the-top theatrics of show. Since Meat Loaf's legacy, built up on albums like Bat Out of Hell and acting roles in films with cult followings like The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club, this behavior was some what expected...full story

Latte Art Competition at Echo Coffee Echo Coffee knows there's a subtle art to the latte. No, not just how the drink tastes, but how it looks. That's why Echo Coffee baristas threw down (while serving drinks) to show their artistic talent using cream and espresso. Check out the caffeinated shots above...see photos

Fashion 4 a Cause The Wyndham Hotel transformed into a fashion forward schmorgasboard on Saturday for Dynasty Inkorporated's Fashion 4 A Cause. The Athletes 4 awareness foundation, local hair stylists and clothing designers busted out as much hairspray, creativity and sex appeal as one evening could handle. The evening also featured performances from Darren Anthony, Phil Davis of Public Announcement and a few local poets...see photos

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Jonathan McNamara