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Portraits of Arizona at Galeria de los Muertos

At least that's what the Grand Canyon state looks like through the eyes of the 16 member artists at Galeria de los Muertos. In its latest collaborative themed-exhibit, "Arizona," starting Saturday at 6 p.m., these artists portray show just how multi-faceted (and weird) it is to live here.

"This is an exhibit about the state we call home, in all its glory and failure," says Marco Turrubiartes, president of the gallery. "Some of us are natives, some transplants, and some are just moving through. But together, we make up the essence of this place and it is our experiences, ideas, and actions which will determine its future."

​Participating artists include El Vaquero Muerto, Sir Thomas M. Deadstuff, Tommy Pemberton, Jenny Fontana, Maynard Breese, I Must Be Dead, Aleta Welling, Davemarkart, Darling Nikki, Banding Hendrix, Brian Harrison, Lindsey Bessanson, Jesse Perry, Kyna Tek, Jon Nyberg, and Jenice Grimes.

All original works (which will also include art not intended for this exhibit) are available for purchase for $10 to $800.

The "Arizona" exhibit is free and opens on Saturday, July 30 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and runs until August 16. Some art is mature, but all ages are invited.

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