Praising Arizona

Phoenix isn’t exactly a breeding ground for superheroes. Gotham and Metropolis get all of the good characters, while the lone Marvel heroine named after our city is a destructive bitch who incinerates everything in her path.

Thankfully, there’s Russ Kazmierczak’s Amazing Arizona Comics series, which chronicles the adventures of Phoenix-area heroes June Monsoon and Speed Cameron as they face issues from SB1070 to gun laws.

Meet Kazmierczak and other local artists including David St. Albans and Shelby Robertson at the Evermore Nevermore Comic Review of Enlightened Drawing and Inscribing Convention, or ENCREDICON II, on Friday, September 9, at Evermore Nevermore in Mesa. The event includes appearances by Oddity Commodity and El Vaquero Muerto, plus a funky sci-fi fashion show.

Kazmierczak plans to debut a new comic starring a certain former Alaska governor with a soft spot for mama bears, but he assures readers that another popular guest star will return soon. “As long as there's a camera to capture Sheriff Joe's overwhelming passion for enforcing the law, he'll always make appearances,” Kazmierczak quips. “Oh, you mean in the comic? Yeah, he'll be there, too.”

Fri., Sept. 9, 6-10 p.m., 2011
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