Prep the Bunker: Facebook is Rolling out the Mandatory Timeline

Time to get smart. According to an update to Facebook's official blog, the social media site will be rolling out Facebook Timeline and making it mandatory for all users in the next week or two.

If you're unfamiliar with Timeline, check out our handy illustrated guide, which should provide a few pointers on how to keep your job, maintain your privacy, brush up on the latest Facebook lingo, and (most importantly) pimp the hell out of your main photo.

The switch to Timeline has been optional -- until now. It includes a bigger "main" photo that rests behind your profile picture, and an integrated "Timeline" that organizes your life event in a handy, scroll-able format.

Hundreds of web-savvy users have been switching over for the past few months to preview the inevitable, and while you still have the option to switch over now (on your own watch), your time is limited. Note: Your Timeline, however is UNLIMITED. Check out the guide to see what we're talking about.

The roll out will be staggered. Once you see the announcement/warning at the top of your homepage, you will have seven days to preview your Timeline, hide your prom pictures, update your time of birth, and preview a video of all your life's information, neatly packaged by a creepy Facebook Timeline "website" before it all hits the fan goes live.

Hope you packed the canned goods.

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