Pretty in Punk

Fri 11/26
Graduates of the "new school" of punk rock often have difficulty receiving validation from "old school" punks, the people who remember punk as the ultimate anti-commercial loogie hocked in the face of disco and self-indulgent '70s guitar rock. Luckily, co-ed band Tsunami Bomb has received that validation, participating in three Warped Tours and playing all over Europe with seminal punk outfit the Vandals. Perhaps their ceaseless touring earned them their punk cred. "We always are touring," says Agent M, the band's energetic singer. "I think one year we did like 270 shows." Tsunami Bomb chalks up another at the Clubhouse, 1320 East Broadway in Tempe, on Friday, November 26. Maxeen, A Thorn for Every Heart, and Bullets N Octane share the bill. The show starts at 7 p.m., and tickets cost $10. Call 480-968-3238. -- Niki D'Andrea

Very Necessary

Arizona Women's Theatre Company presents Ensler work

While having the word "vagina" in the title of your play certainly draws attention, Vagina Monologues playwright Eve Ensler doesn't have to reference anatomy to tell stories of women's hardships. Her newest work, Necessary Targets -- which graces the stage of The Space on Central, 4700 North Central -- follows the stories of women who were systematically raped in Bosnian war camps. In the play, presented by the Arizona Women's Theatre Company through Saturday, November 27, a Park Avenue psychiatrist and a human rights worker go to Bosnia to help refugee women work through their war memories. Tickets are $20. Call 602-840-7800. -- Niki D'Andrea

Field Day

Little Wings flies by Modified

Sun 11/28
Summer camp always sucked. Whether crafting macaroni necklaces for unappreciative parents, or getting punked in intramural sports, the living was anything but easy. The only bright spots were the counselors, be they hotties filling us with unattainable fuck fantasies or longhaired peaceniks with guitar in hand. Come Sunday, November 28, the environs of Modified Arts, 407 East Roosevelt, might give you cabin fever all over again as eccentric Portland songster Kyle Field brings his acoustic guitar and one-man band Little Wings to the Valley. Even though Field's sometimes-improvisational act features moving acoustic ballads about such things as faith, spirit children and misty mountains, it's not all hippie crap, as this gentle soul will pop off with whimsical ditties about getting "bent over like a rainbow." Doors open at 7:30 p.m., and admission is $5. (Sleeping bags are optional.) Call 602-462-5516 or see -- Benjamin Leatherman

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