Profile: Alexandria Paveloff

While Alexandria Paveloff recently turned the magic, alcohol-friendly age of 21, don't expect to see her wasted on New Year's Eve. This diminutive customer-service representative already knows about the evils of alcohol, including getting thrown in the poky after drunkenly decking a dude several times her size.

Breast-laid plans: On New Year's before, I'd go with friends to underage shows or try to sneak into places. I used to have this great fake ID. The bouncers never even bothered to check it, or they let me in because I'm a girl and I got boobs. Honestly, if you're a cute girl, you can get in practically anywhere.

The scarlet letter: Sometimes it's been frustrating being underage. It's like the places that would let you in [to all-ages shows], they'd put this big "X" on your hand, or whatever, or you'd get banished behind some fence. It's fucking annoying at first, but then it's okay, because you know that later your friends can slip you a drink or you'll get something at their house.

Punch drunk: I've done some pretty messed-up things [while drunk]. I ended up in jail one New Year's Eve when I was fucking wasted beyond belief. I was with my friends at this one guy's house and he started giving us shit. He was getting in my friend's face so I punched him in the head and told him, "You need to cool off." He was this 6-foot-2 guy who was trying to pick on one of my friends. I used to play hockey, so I'm used to doing stuff like that.

Know your limits: I'm gonna take it a little easier this year because I want to be around for many New Year's Eves to come. I'm not pristine or anything like that, but I'm not going to act stupid and be all like, "Hey, I'm of legal age, come and get me." I don't want to end up in jail again. I don't need that right now. Since I'm of legal age, I'd probably wind up going to some penitentiary.

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