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Project Accessory Episode 7: Beetles, Snot Bugs, and a Floppy Sideboob

There are three guys and two girls left.

And this is the second to the last episode.

It's Rich that describes them as a family, and by tomorrow, two of them will be gone.

Yeah, my stale M&M heart gets melty; it's a sweet sentiment that shows more personality that the producers have allowed on camera all season.

Frankly, we could have used a little more of it, because as we round the corner on the second to last episode, I could care less who goes home and who stays. I don't hate anyone, but I don't have a favorite, either. It's kind of like being at a Mormon buffet. There are six different kinds of Jell-o salad on every table, and you don't really want any of them.

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Laurie Notaro