Public Display

As much as guys try to get two girls to make out in front of them, there are still men in the world who'll throw punches instead of dollars at the sight of a same-sex snog. A man wandering through a New York park serves as a prime example in the Stray Cat Theatre production Stop Kiss, opening at eleven/twenty/one, 1121 North First Street. The play tells the story of two women who meet in the Big Apple and start talking about their boyfriends. Their platonic chemistry turns into a serendipitous attraction, and they kiss on a park bench -- way too much to the chagrin of a male passerby. Despite the tragic consequences of their kiss, director Marcos Voss says the story ultimately carries a positive message. "There's a dark side," he says, "but [the play] ends with a message of hope and strength about identity." Stop Kiss opens Friday, May 13, and continues through May 28. Tickets cost $10 to $20. Call 602-253-8188, extension 2. -- Niki D'Andrea

Universal "Rhythms"
Movement Source outsources

SAT 5/14
The Movement Source Dance Company's latest production, "Rhythms," has a bit of everything. Sure, there's dancing; the company will perform "The Furies," along with new choreography from Bessie Award winner Germaul Barnes and Lori Belilove of the Isadora Duncan Foundation. But there's also Japanese drumming from the Fushicho Daiko Phoenix Drummers, jazz singer Sherry Roberson, and sets designed by local artist Susan Copeland. The multimedia montage takes place at 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at Scottsdale Center for the Arts, 7380 East Second Street. Tickets cost $12.50 to $17.50. Call 480-994-2787. -- Niki D'Andrea

Pick and Choose
Musicians mingle at Bluegrass Jam

5/13, 5/15
When Doug Fletcher (pictured) moved to the Valley from Maryland, he started pining for the thick bluegrass of the D.C. area. So he started the Arcadia Bluegrass Jam on Sunday nights at Mama Java's Coffeehouse. The free weekly event is open to those who acoustically pick, those who sing, and those who listen. "It's a great way to scare musicians out of the woodwork," Fletcher says. And once they'd scuttled across the floor, he formed his band, the Roof Rats, whose next gig is at 8 p.m. Friday, May 13, at Fiddler's Dream Coffee House, 1702 East Glendale Avenue in Phoenix. Admission is $3. Call 602-997-9795 or see The next Arcadia Bluegrass Jam is at 7 p.m. Sunday, May 15, at Mama Java's, 3619 East Indian School. "We need some banjo and mandolin players," says Fletcher, "and some good singers." Call 602-840-5282. -- Julie Peterson

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