Purple as a Yuma Sunset: 10 Examples of Literary Flourishes in the Incredibly Overwritten Thomas Disbarment Ruling

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10) "With the intervention of independent bar counsel, the fog of deceit had reached the shore of reality."

9) "It is the story of legal maneuvering, driven like a roller coaster intentionally ripped from its rails, by unethical operators bent on misusing power and promulgating fear.....Once this story's coaster begins to move, many human hearts beat faster. Each new loop of track causes pain for the riders, strapped down and confronted with the great forces being unleashed. As the story unfolds and the cars begin to jump their track, ethical equilibrium is lost and truth goes terribly wrong."

8) "At some point in his career, a leak formed in the dike of Andrew Thomas's ethical restraint. In short time, it rapidly grew....He seemingly became complacent to the legion of structural fractures throughout his character that followed. Within a few short years the hole had become a radical moral dislocation."

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