Purple as a Yuma Sunset: 10 Examples of Literary Flourishes in the Incredibly Overwritten Thomas Disbarment Ruling

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4) "By the time Andrew Thomas resigned, with his hopes of attaining higher public office and greater public trust, his legacy lay in a smoldering heap, its smoke slowly curling skyward like a prayer for relief."

3) "Here, all too frequently, we find only a final domino sited intentionally in a fallen position followed by a specious declaration that there had to be dominoes of dark criminal purpose that brought its fall. They knew the truth and the truth set them free to endlessly serve up innuendo as the entrée."

2) "The facts within this multi-chaptered story underscore the misery that lays dormant, expectant and waiting for the moment when such a self-centered theme is played to the staccato machine-gun fire of a series of unethical actions in harmony with malevolent rationalizations."

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