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There's never a bad time to look for art in downtown Phoenix. First Friday is for the crowd that can handle thousands of people swarming sidewalks and galleries with as much intent to run into friends as to glance at new art on gallery walls. Third Friday has established itself as a low(er)-key event, with opportunities for galleries to open exhibitions, collectors to snap up new work, and artists to make it out to see each other's shows. This year will kick off the 25th Art Detour in March, which will include art exhibitions in dozens of galleries, shuttles for visitors, walking tours led by curators and artists, and a public art hanging. While regular business hours are still a struggle for art galleries and spaces around town (hey, somebody's got to pay the bills), more galleries are staffing their desks with volunteers, attempting weeknight hours, and discovering that the community wants to see artwork more than just once a month. — Claire Lawton


For years, emerging artists have banded together to create collaborative spaces and galleries that showcase a variety of artwork in downtown Phoenix. Eye lounge and Five15 led the pack, opening shop in the early 2000s, and were followed by local art gallery staples including monOrchid, Modified Arts, and First Studio. 

And though we've said goodbye to a number of galleries that have popped up and popped away, this year saw the introduction of 1Spot, a gallery dedicated to showcasing work by contemporary Native artists, Gallery Parallax, opened by photographer and longtime model Emily Caldwell, and Combine Studios, which houses work by international artists in residence through ASU Art Museum. 

Eye Lounge: 419 E. Roosevelt St., 602-430-1490, eyelounge.com | Five15: 515 E. Roosevelt St., 515arts.com | MonOrchid: 214 E. Roosevelt St., 602-253-0339, monorchid.com | Modified Arts: 407 E. Roosevelt St., 602-462-5516, modifiedarts.org | First Studio: 631 N. 1st Ave., firststudio.net | 1Spot: 918 N. 6th St., 602-999-5582, ziindi.com | Gallery Parallax: 610 E. Roosevelt St., #148, galleryparallax.com | Combine Studios: 821 N. 3rd St., 480-965-2787, asuartmuseum.asu.edu


Make it to Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix, and you'll likely run into a few old-timers in the art community, as well as a few up-and-comers. This year, Bragg's Pie Factory was divided into three operating galleries, including Frontal Lobe, which will also serve as a community gathering space. Down the avenue, you'll run into The Lodge, occupied by Abbey Messmer, Joe Brklacich, and Rebecca Green. After seeing their work, they'll likely send you next door to check out {9} The Gallery or down the street to The Sagrado, owned by Jay Olivas, Samuel Gomez, and El Moises.

Bragg's and Frontal Lobe: 1301 Grand Ave., 602-391-4016 | The Lodge: 1231 Grand Ave. | {9} The Gallery: 1229 Grand Ave., 602-258-0959, 9thegallery.com | The Sagrado: 1023 Grand Ave., thesagrado.com


If you're looking for something a little more off the bongo-playing, fire-breathing First Friday path, check out Icehouse, a gallery in the warehouse district opened by Helen Hestenes in the early '90s that houses a variety of work and experimental performance. For alternative art, stop by Alwun House, established more than 30 years ago by Kim Moody. For a world-class experience, go no further than Bentley Calverley's Bentley Gallery, which recently relocated from Scottsdale to Bentley Projects, in the warehouse district. And for a true taste of the local art culture, take a walk along 16th Street, where you'll get an eyeful of art by muralists and see work at Por Vida Gallery and The Hive. 

Icehouse: 429 W. Jackston St., 602-257-8929, theicehouseaz.com | Alwun House: 1204 E. Roosevelt St., alwunhouse.org | Bentley Gallery: 215 E. Grant St., 480-946-6060, bentleygallery.com | Por Vida: 2800 N. 16th St., 602-687-9940 | The Hive: 2222 N. 16th St., 602-254-1641

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