Rachael Koscica's Camera-Ready Style

​As a photography student in her second year at Arizona State University, Rachael Koscica knows the importance of shopping on a dime (especially when it comes to clothing). 
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"Being a college student, I don't have very much money," says Rachael Koscica. "So I find unique stuff at second-hand stores. Stuff that other people may not have."

Koscica, who's photography has been displayed at ASU's W.P. Carey School of Business and will show in Flagstaff next month at Visual Collective, keeps her style fresh with pieces that include vintage finds and her own creations. 

What are you wearing?
A vintage jumper, a black and white striped shirt and red sandals. My friend told me I look very French today. 

What is your favorite thing to wear?
Vintage dresses, I'd have to see. They're classy, non-expensive and they're really comfortable to wear. 

What's the most attention-grabbing thing you've worn?
I got this red pea coat from Victoria secret. My mom bought it for me for my 18th birthday. I love it so much that my mom bought me another jacket one size bigger so I could wear it when I'm old.

What was your last purchase?
It was a shirt from Forever 21 with a rainbow across the front. It's a cut-off shirt with the words "Same Shirt, Different Day".

Where do you like to shop?
I like Buffalo Exchange, and sometimes Goodwill. Usually at second hand stores. The clothes that you get at thrift stores are cheap and fun to scavenge for. I kind of like that they've been worn before. I can wear it and pass it on to somebody else someday.

What do you like to accessorize with?
Rings. I also have a lot of necklaces and like wearing peacock earrings. 

What item of clothing do you covet at the moment?
I want new cigarette jeans from Urban Outfitters. They're only like $50 bucks, and are the best I've ever bought. 

Where would you love to have a shopping spree?
Urban Outfitters. A lot of their clothes can be edgy but classy. I try to find clothes that look similar of their style at second hand stores. 

Give us a childhood memory of you and clothing:
When I was a kid, I had this yellow tank top. It had a lime green trimming around the collars and arms, and wide neck. It had two little characters in running action, with the word JOG on the bottom. It was pretty 90s. It was so comfortable and I loved it. I would wait by the dryer for it whenever my mom did laundry. I still have it.

Name five things every woman should have in their closet:
1. A pair of black skinny jeans.
2. A classy dress.
3. A pea coat for the winter.
4. Flannel shirts
5. Sweaters for the winter. 

What is your one piece of fashion advice for Phoenix:
Don't wear shorts that are too short. I don't like it when I can see a girl's butt cheeks hanging out. To look sexy and classy, less isn't more. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.