Radiation Therapy

Cancer and nukes: Both strike with little warning and kill indiscriminately. More significantly, both pervert natural processes to horrifying and destructive ends, raising questions that keep us up at night -- or drive us to create art.

Local artist Lisa Marie Sipe’s aunt played in the long shadow of a nuclear test conducted near Las Vegas in 1953. The exhibit “Girl Plays in Radioactive Dirt,” on display at Regular Gallery, is the artist’s attempt to grapple with her aunt’s death from cancer years later. Sipe’s encaustic (pigmented wax) forms evoke malignancy; her juxtaposition of those tumorous invaders with found objects in works such as Cancer Cell and It Started with a Back Ache suggests the many ways corruption, in all its grim senses, invades our lives.

May 20-June 11, 2011
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Nicholas Gerbis