Rail Life: blogs that make us happy

Nick Bastian loves Valley Metro Light Rail so much, he started a comprehensive blog dedicated exclusively to it. Want to know more about how budget cuts affect light rail? Need the latest light rail schedules? Not sure what shirt to wear on the annual "No Pants AZ Light Rail Ride"? Bastian's got all the 411 at raillife.com.

By day, Bastian's a real estate agent in Tempe, a gig he's held down for the past 17 years. But in the evenings, he's a rail-riding machine, blogging about the businesses surrounding light rail stops and his personal experiences on the rail, coining phrases like "railgating" (taking light rail to ASU games), and sharing a "Flickr Pic" of the week taken near a light rail stop.

Of course, no enterprising Phoenician would miss a cross-marketing opportunity, and Rail Life also includes a section filled with homes for sales near light rail stops. But that's clearly a side dish here -- Bastian's main course is all light rail, all the way. For some people, Rail Life provides information useful for their own future rail-riding experiences. For others, it makes for great vicarious living.

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