Raising Arizona Returns and Reminds Us of The Six Reasons We Hate Nicolas Cage

Back before Ghost Rider and Knowing, Nicolas Cage actually stumbled into a few good movies.

Really, we checked.

One such film was Raising Arizona (given, that was also in 1987), and it's having a homecoming.

The film's studio, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, is celebrating its 75th anniversary and is taking some of its filmes back to the places that helped make them famous. Lucky us, they're hosting a screening of Raising Arizona tonight at MADCAP Theaters in Tempe with a few of the cast members for an after-film Q&A. Here are six reasons we're happy Cage won't be in attendance:

6. National Treasure II 

(five more after the jump)

5. "Not the Bees!"
Admittedly, this mock "best of" video from The Wicker Man is pretty hilarious, but it's an unintentional hilarity -- like when Cage puts on his "badass" face -- so it falls under the umbrella of "Nic Cage Fail" (is there a hashtag for that?). Speaking of umbrellas, do you remember 2005's The Weather Man? Neither do we.

4. Adaptation
Bravo, you ruined a movie with Meryl Streep (previously thought impossible) and played two characters in the same, awful film. Double whammy.

3. The Hair
A Google image search for "Nicolas Cage hair" yields about 340,000 results and is full of gems. Mr. Cage's coif has been transformed into creepy-beach-bum blond, creepy-convict-brown, and had the honor of being photo-shopped into a creepy bird that catapulted straight into Internet meme infamy.

2. National Treasure I

1. The Voice
Here's a fun game: Close your eyes and listen to Nicolas Cage in this clip as he tells the story of taking shrooms with his cat. Then, try to break as few things in your house as possible.

The Raising Arizona show starts at 7 p.m. and tickets are available now for $8 through the MADCAP website.

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Colin Lecher
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