Rasta Bout

The first Rastafarian, Leonard Howell, said, "Everyone, regardless of race or religion, is a Rasta deep within." Get together with the rest of mon-kind at the 5th Annual Legends of Rasta Reggae Festival Tour (formerly the Annual Bob Marley Festival Tour) from noon to 10 p.m. Saturday, October 18, and Sunday, October 19, at Club Freedom. Local groups like Kindread, Purple Kush and Casper Lomayesva and the 602 Reggae Band join the Cayman Islands' Dee Dread and the Zion Knights, along with Jamaican performers Tommy Doo, Tony Culture and Culture Clive, to spread the "one love, one heart" message of Rasta. General admission is $8 in advance, $10 at the door or $15 for couples. From noon to 2 p.m. each day, get in for a donation of $5 cash, a new teddy bear, or $8 worth of non-perishable food to benefit local charities. For more information, see www.legends ofrastareggaefestival.com or call 602-230-5297. Freedom is located at 909 East Apache in Tempe. - Kim Toms

Hit Singles

Getting social at Drift

WED 10/22
Sadly, we have discovered that "Whaddaya know -- I like beer, too!" is no measure of compatibility. Into the singles' swamp comes Done in a Night Dating, an organization that hosts "single mingle" parties for men and women ages 25 to 40 who share common interests. Sometimes parties feature wine tasting, sometimes a fitness focus. This Wednesday, October 22, Done in a Night presents a "Work/Life Balance" party at Drift in downtown Scottsdale, where guest speaker Louis Sutterer, a businessman and Ironman Triathlete, talks about personal and professional success. Julie Gerke, owner and cofounder of Done, reveals the best part of her meet and greet service: "Other than registering for the party, there's no online profile to fill out, or read over, or lie to" -- definitely a happy alternative to our usual "done in a night" method. The party costs $35. Find Drift at 4341 North 75th Street in Scottsdale. To register, see www.doneinanightdating.com. - Kim Toms

Everybody Must Get Boned

A joint exhibit in Tempe

Sick of superficial art? This'll get under your skin: A new exhibition at Tempe's reZurrection Gallery cuts deep -- all the way to the bone.

"The Bone Show" commemorates the creepy season (Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and a new installment of Joe Millionaire) with death-inspired paintings, prints and sculptures, "some incorporating real bones." Hanging through November 5, the multimedia exhibition includes works by Sam Esmoer, Mike Goodwin, Walter Hoel, James B. Hunt, Damian Johnson, Don Kauss, Ali Kauss, Justine Mantor, Ruth Todd and others.

Look death in the face from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5 Sunday. The gallery is located at 601 West University; call 480-377-9080 or see www.rezurrection gallery.net for more information. - Jill Koch

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