Rated Arrrrr

Humor is like beer. You could slam the same brew day after day -- but new flavors, though scary, can rock. Such are the pleasures of "Blar Lar Lar," an evening of comedy and music presented by Light Rail Pirates. "The idea," says LRP's Jacque Arend, "is to incorporate music and sketch and attract people who have never been exposed to improv -- or people who've seen improv that haven't seen a sketch company. The biggest thing? Variety."

See, the Pirates are a longform-improv company, as are their hearties Mail Order Bride, but Male Pattern Radness is a band, and Organized Chaos specializes in beat-improv sketches, and -- oh, holy Christ, it's like discussing microbrews . . . just go!

Wed., Sept. 19, 7:30 p.m.
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