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RAW Moving their Phoenix Art Events to Foundry on First

RAW, the California-based arts organization that's been hosting events featuring Phoenix artists at the Hotel San Carlos for the past few months, will be moving to a larger venue for their next event.

As we've already pointed out, previous RAW art showings have been underdone and overcrowded. The last RAW event, "Fusion" (which took place Friday, August 12) crammed more than 200 people into the San Carlos' Ghost Lounge, and it was difficult to get to and see all the art.

But there should be plenty of wiggle room for RAW's next event (slated for Friday, September 9), because they'll be at the new, much larger Foundry on First venue.

"We now have an official remedy to the 'overcrowded' venue," says Sara Wilwerding, showcase director for RAW. "Too many people is a curse and a blessing with a small space, but Foundry is huge and has a lot of AC!"

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