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Read Chapter One of Girls Character Hannah Horvath's Book

From her ill-fitting Golden Globes dress to pretty much every plot move made by her character Hannah Horvath on Girls, Lena Dunham is all about uncomfortable situations. Which is why we secretly wished that Hannah's upcoming eBook could be real. Revel in another person's awkwardness at leisure? Yes, please.

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Lucky for us and many other Girls fans out there, our dream has come to fruition. Well, sort of. This week, the actual site that Hannah and her publisher reference in debuting the first chapter of her eBook, published a realistic parody of this nonexistent eBook under the premise that Girls is actually just a reality show on HBO, according to the chapter's introduction:

"On the third season premiere of Girls, an HBO reality show about actual non-fictional women living in Brooklyn, Hannah's publisher suggested posting the first chapter of her eBook -- 'about jerking a kidney stone out of some Puerto Rican Jew's dick' -- on As promised, here it is."

In truth, the story was actually written by Nerve contributor Molly Fitzpatrick, but we have to say it reads very much in the voice of Hannah Horvath:

"Is it that you're circumcised? Or that you're not circumcised? Because, either way, I'm prepared to be fully open-minded."

First the Downton Abbey law and now this? Who says life doesn't imitate art?

To read the full chapter, visit

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