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Reanna "MissConstrued" Diehl's Spikes and Gothic-Glam Designs

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Diehl's fashion flair can be seen at her shop and at Jen Deveroux's fashion events (like last month's G-String runway show), and at the parties that the Missconstrued crew has started throwing in Scottsdale.

She told Jackalope Ranch that her designs are inspired by some unusual influences, not the least of which are the films of Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas and Dark Shadows are her favorites) and the post-hardcore music of Pierce the Veil. She discussed how both have factored into her work, as well as her favorite places to shop, why she's big on bows, and why she's on a mission to shake up the homogeneity of Scottsdale fashion.

What are you wearing right now? Right now I'm wearing a Project Pinup necklace and a bow by Torture Couture. These jeans are from Hot Topic, they're actually a mint color, which is a hot color this summer. The top is from Hot Topic too, it's a cami. That's my secret place to go, it's a weakness of mine.

What is the last item of clothing that you purchased? I like to go thrift shopping from time to time, so I went thrift shopping and I got myself some nice workout shorts (laughs). I buy stuff all over the place.

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