Rebecca Green's "Coyote Ghost" at Palabra Studios is Her Farewell to Phoenix

Rebecca Green is kind of a big deal. The artist, who is responsible for the fairytale mural outside of Grand Avenue's The Lodge studio, is currently writing as a guest blogger for Flow Magazine while prepping for her final show in Phoenix at the end of this month.

"Coyote Ghost" will be a farewell show to Phoenix, she says. "It's a way to acknowledge all that the area and the people here have given me."

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Green moved here from Michigan in July of 2012, when a teaching job brought her significant other, Matt, to the Valley of the Sun. She says they both wanted to experience new things outside of their homestate, and that they are moving again to continue exploring.

But, unlike many Phoenix defectors, Green says she will miss the art scene when she leaves. "My favorite part about Phoenix is the people, and that I was able to dive into a highly talented and passionate group of artists," she says. "I joined The Lodge studio as soon as I got here and it allowed me to hit the ground running and make the most of my time. I don't know if it will be so easy to break into communities in other cities."

Green's artwork is most often influenced by her immediate environment, she says. But she also finds inspiration in "science, animals, old things, and everyday life."

Her work does invoke some strange feelings of nostalgia for imagined realities. But the sometimes fantastical nature of her pieces is exactly what draws us in.

"Coyote Ghost" is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures inspired by life in Phoenix, and it opens at Palabra Studios Friday, June 28. It will be on view through Friday, July 5. For more information, visit Rebecca Green's website.

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Katrina Montgomery